& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Why do people run, why love running each runner has a different answer?. It was because of running and forget age barriers brought someone because running and to "see" the world, because it was not the same as running his own discovery, because it was running and really be happy. When you start running, you will know how to insist on grounds run. Liu appeared, led by shooting a new ad Nike JUST DO IT launched a new marketing campaign, "ran on the understanding" on November 13, 2013, by a team of 60 seconds from the main body of the film "Run (The cheap foamposites Run)" and five support runners interview clips consisting of interactive advertising, to share a 70-year-old runner Sun rehabilitation, road race club streets of Taipei, Hong Kong Fu Tiffin blind runners, Shanghai Fudan three sisters and world champion hurdler Liu Xiang et al jogging and running on their mind life and life changing. This is the first time Nike Greater China in a single movement "running" as the story of the spindle JUST DO IT market activity, dig all kinds of jogging or wonderful or touching story. Meanwhile, around the "run to understand" theme, Nike launched micro-channel interactive network, microbloggin Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping g platform, sponsored 2013 Shanghai International Marathon, through the activities of this series of rich online and offline, with the running ignite passion for the sport this winter . "Nike is a running company. Started to build the company, Nike, encourage and inspire millions of people to join the ranks of runners, so they have advanced equipment running to provide comprehensive service platform for them and let them run faster, more Have fun. Now, these stories runners also greatly encouraged and inspired us, why not their stories to influence more people to run up? "Sima Pei Nike Vice President of Marketing for Grea Retro jordans for sale ter China, said," In China, Running growing so rapidly, Chinese runners touching story, which is why we launched the "run to understand" this event in mind. In this seemingly simple and happy commercials "run", we with a new perspective to show the charm of running. If you are running, you will know the charm of this movement. " The best runners establish community: Nike + Run Club was officially launched micro-channel service account In order to provide better service and support for runners, Nike launched a special Nike + Run Club micro-channel service account, provide running tips, training programs, choose shoes guid cheap jordan shoes for men e, running routes, running activities, NIKE + FAQs, aimed at to set up a micro-channel platform best runners communities. Just pick up the phone to open the micro-letter search NikeRunClub (or scan QR code), you can immediately subscribe to the service account, running for more advice and coaching. From November 24, in Shanghai Huaihai Nike brand experience stores, Beijing Sanlitun store experience Nike running category, Guangzhou Nike brand experience stores, consumers will be in store shooting "Why and run" poster, posters for on-site printing in store or from consumers Weibo. December 1 - 5, the interesting "Why and ru cheap jordans for sale mens n" poster production capabilities will also visit Nike + Run Club micro-letters, more runners can enjoy this service. story with runners infect more runners - Nike "ran to understand" network of interactive activities to inspire more consumers to share their feelings run. Search to understand # # ran on the microblogging platform, you can understand the relevant information. advertising film "run" with related videos by Nike Greater China and the Hai Weike advertising (Wieden + Kennedy) work together to create. Directed by Knucklehead from the UK's Siri Bunford. Siri had been a British Channel 4 "Kubrick" program, and t Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping he British aviation and many other brands outstanding commercial film director. Her victorious numerous, including the famous D & amp; AD UK Global Creative (Yellow Pencil) award. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)the shoes shoe exposure, number 705344-027.Miami-known footwear brands Del Toro in a while back to the world famous Disney cartoon character-themed series, to create a co-branded shoes for this. Select a chukka and slip-on shoes for the design basis, and respectively, leather and suede shoes mate Cheap air jordans for sale rial composition, and then the little puppet, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and other classic characters presented in the upper, is bound to turn off Disney fans the enthusiastic attention. The series will be in the next few weeks for shoes inner Del Toro online store shelves, and interested friends also please pay more attention.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; August 16, 2006, full of rich cultural atmosphere of the new focal point of fashion - Beijing 798 within the state space, winter 2006 Nike running historical heritage of the new release. Conference, demonstrating the latest quarter Nike sports culture series products, more than cheap jordans online 30 years in the running of its classic historical heritage and historical aspects of the development path for each presentation, the rich flavor and brisk fashion retro rhythm integration, it is feast for the eyes. Taiwan popular size S sisters Queen stylist small P (Perry) in the conference, and to introduce 06 winter fashion trends and Nike clothing with experience. Name model Chunxiao also attended the conference, and with great interest to watch the Nike running historical heritage of the classic works of each period. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike 2006 Winter sports culture series of products inspired by the Nike runni Retro jordans for sale ng historical heritage, the designers classic Nike running back in the history of the building, whether it is "popular who "shawl clothes, or waffle bottom running shoes, designers are in the continuation of sports and innovation, give them more meaning, to meet current consumer craze for fashion and pursue careers. The innovation not only for the classic heritage of the essence of the history of Nike running at the same time with the modern fashion closely linked together, presents a perfect fusion of retro and modern charm. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike running product origin products, its innovations and breakthroughs p cheap jordans for sale lay an important role in the history and development of Nike's. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; waffle bottom advent of running shoes Nike running historical heritage can be described as a major milestone. Co-founder of Nike, also was excellent University of Oregon track coach - Bill ? Bowerman (Bill Bowerman) from Mrs. Bowerman waffles mold even eligible for inspiration, to create a more lightweight, wearable waffle end running shoes this revolutionary innovation. The inspiration for "Windrunner" cape wearing clothing from Native American woven cedar bark cape to shelter habit designer Jeff (Geoff Hollister) to his new nylon jacket torn at the shoulder level, Let both sides of the chest to a 26-degree cross, the upper with ultra-thin waterproof PU material, the lower part of the fabric in order to increase the use of ventilation athletes in the warm-up activities breathability. "Windrunner" Since first introduced in 1982, immediately after obtaining a whole generation of young people of all ages and fans, then "Windrunner" Nike is widely used in many products. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition to the latest season of sports and cultural products Nike running historical heritage of classic works and, at the conference site also shows a lot of history associated with the development of Nike running precious pictures, includes a series of Nike in the 1970s served classic print ads, depicts the history of the classic moments. In addition, Nike signed the first athlete, famous American distance runner Prefontaine legend impressive. Prefontaine (Steve Prefontaine) has been the historical heritage of Nike running representative, his perseverance, indomitable spirit of perseverance not only created his own legends, but also plastic on the Nike spirit soul. To commemorate the tragic death of 24-year-old legendary athletes, Nike is located in the center of Portland's global headquarters set up a "Puri memorial." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Taiwan famous stylist small P (Perry) at the press conference, said: This year's vintage is the international fashion trend, more and more designers will apply to the current retro elements design. I really like this season's Nike product, classic style, clever mix of fashion color, great accessories, will be combined with the popular sport, fashion and classical, traditional and modern perfect, Nike sports culture will show understanding to the extreme . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2006 winter Nike presents classic, recycling fashion, so retro sweeping the globe!